Deck Builder Cyber Security

Cyber security for construction firms is becoming increasingly important as computer hackers take down strong computer networks and find evermore creative ways to steal passwords and other personal information with viruses. In the home construction industry, companies need to protect customer data by implementing basic security measures and training their employees on how to spot viruses and hacking attempts. Albany Deck Builders is a deck construction company that trains its employees on how to protect company data by scanning for computer viruses and staying vigilant. Each deck expert at Albany Deck Builders goes through hours of training on identifying and reporting spoofing emails, strong password creation, and how to do basic computer scans to remove potential threats. Visit Albany Deck Builders’ website at to learn more about the cyber security measures their experts use to keep company data safe. The construction industry security measures are:

Virus Protection – Avast, Norton, and McAfee offer great virus removal software that scans for potential threats, quarantines it and removes it on command. Deck building companies store customer names and addresses, which need to be kept safe, so this is a helpful tool to ensure that happens.

Limited Personal Data – In addition to virus removal software, Albany Deck Builders’ team stores only the data that needs to be stored and nothing more.  Customer name, address, and phone number are the only personal details kept in the computer system. Some construction companies store other data elements, which opens them up to unnecessary security risks.

Access Points – Deck experts should only access custom profile data from the company’s internal network. The intranet setup at the deck company has superior cyber security measures, including custom network access and a powerful firewall. These two features aid in preventing unauthorized access from outside parties. You must have a computer registered on the network in order to access the servers at all.

Email Spoofing – The Albany deck team goes through email spoof training to learn how to spot phishing emails. Employees also randomly receive test spoofing emails during the day that they can report. If they accidentally click on one, they are sent to an employee training on identification so it doesn’t happen again.

With all 4 security measures in place, construction companies like Albany Deck Builders can better safeguard their customer data and protect the company from lawsuits.