Hacking techniques you should know


Knowing the most common hacking methods can help you to understand how you can do to upgrade your safety. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of people that continuously work to find new ways to hack others site, personal accounts, and more. It’s vital for your company and personal information that you be at the forefront of these malicious methods.

We know that hacking is an unethical and illegal activity that has evolved over the years. The goal? Get unauthorized information through the modification of systems. Nowadays, where the Internet plays an important role in the society, hacking provides a unique opportunity to obtain unclassified details that could have considerable value. Cybersecurity has become essential all over the world, and you can be the next victim.

Therefore, you should know some of the hacking trends that are frequently used so you can do something about it.

Brute forcing. This technique is the oldest one but is essential to mention. Brute forcing is when the hacker uses permutations and combinations of characters of a particular set. Namely, if the hacker wants to know your password, he will try all the combinations possible until he finds the correct code.

Keylogging. The technique where all began. This can be the most useful method for hacking people information. Keylogging is the procedure of creating a record of all typed keystroked on a system. Next, all the data that has been recompiled will be sent to the hacker’s server sporadically.

Virus. You may know something about this one, right? Virus or trojans are malicious programs that are installed on your system that allows the hacker get your private information. They can sniff your data, lock your files, and much more. Don’t open or install anything that you don’t know; it’s essential that you only use software that you trust and know the origin.

Cookies. Do you know when you open a website and a messages pop that says: this site uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Well, that’s normal, the majority of sites use this. The thing is, they’re used to identify authenticate and remember a particular user from the millions of others users. The hacker will steal the cookies and gain access to your computer and some of your information.

Bait and switch. As the virus, this technique uses a malicious program that you’ll believe is authentic and trustworthy. After installing the malicious software, the hacker will have total access to your computer and personal information.

Phishing. One of the most common and deadliest techniques that you should be aware of. The hacker will replicate one of the most accessed sites and will trap the victim by sending the spoofed link. Once the person bites the hook and tries to log in and enter the data, the hacker will get all the information using the trojan running the site he created. Several Hollywood celebrities have been victims of this technique where the personal information has been released to the world.

These were the most common techniques that you should know about. Of course, there is a ton more that are more elaborated and complicated to understand. Hacking usually takes advantage of your ignorance, don’t let them!