Hacking: Terms you must know

How to understand cybersecurity and avoid being hacked if you don’t know the jargon and terminologies that are commonly used in the digital security world. In this post, you’ll understand more about this world and you’ll be able to analyze the different threats that are on the prowl. Understanding is the key to take the proper action to something. If you know how it works, you’ll find the better way to approach or solve anything.

So here you have a little glossary you should know:

Malware: means malicious or malevolent software. Attackers use the software to enter into a victim’s computer and disrupt your privacy. This one is a general expression to refer to the different forms of invasive software’s.

Black hat: This term refers to someone that brakes illegally into someone else computer for financial gain. They can steal or modify your information, destroy your system, and more. Why the black hat? If you ever saw a western film you may relate to the villains.

White hat: Yes, we have the white hat too. In this case, the hackers search any vulnerability or bugs into company’s system. The idea is to know if your company is exposed to any cyber-attack, and them protect it from it. This type of hackers has become more important in the business world, helping companies to prevent any violation of its privacy.

Encryption: Is related to the protection you give to anything that you want to send to someone else. From photos to bank accounts, your computer creates a code of the information to the person you’re sending it is the only one with the access. Hackers try constantly to break this in order to find relevant information such as social security numbers, and more.

DDoS: Distribute Denial of Service is the most common technique that hackers use to break a company’s information. They incorporate numerous hosts to bombard a website with different requests that freeze your computer for several minutes. These types of attacks have been happening constantly and a large scale worldwide and are worrying cybersecurity specialists.

Darknet: Is the scariest spot on the Internet where most of the illegal things take place. Is an illicit market for drugs, guns, and also, a resource for black hackers to discover relevant and private information.

Bug: Is a common term you probably heard before. A bug is an error that occurs in a software, some of them can be merely annoying but others can use it by hackers.

IP: Is like the fingerprint of your computer and can use it to identify the person who is using the device, reveal its location, and also, track the activity.

Virus: Is the most common malware that can attack your system. Can easily destroy a hard drive and hackers can use it to steal your personal information.

Spyware: Another common malware that is programmed to get into your system unnoticed and send your data to the hacker.

There are so many more terms that are relevant to understanding cybersecurity, we’ll discuss them in the next post where we’ll give you the second part of terms you must know.